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Hartanzah Pro Coffee Roasting Application

Our automation features allow you to download roast profiles. The roaster will automatically roast the batch of coffee from charging in the roaster through roasting, cooling, and destoning. The data logging package provides a USB port at the control panel to connect to your laptop or tablet. Commercially available software for roast profiles can be uploaded to track your roast profiles.
Hartanzah Application is a Professional Coffee Roasting Application that provides convenience in recording storing, analyzing, and controlling the profile of your roasted coffee beans, inventory report, and supplier log. By using this application, the operator can record and store the roast logs easily.
Yes, you can use the Hartanzah Pro Coffee Roasting Application for your other coffee roaster brands using the “Roast Without Connection” menu, it will not connect to your coffee roasters, but you can use the app to help you in recording, store, analyze, and control the profile of your roasted coffee beans, inventory report and supplier log.
Yes, if you have a Hartanzah coffee roaster machine, you can control the burner level, airflow level, and drum speed of your Hartanzah coffee roaster through this application.
Yes, you can save and use the saved roast log for the next roasting process.
If you are confused, you can visit Hartanzah Academy to find out how this application works, via this link:
You can download Hartanzah Application on your Play Store.
This application is Free of Charge, you can use it without pay. Just give us a high rating and positive comments on the Play Store to make us move further.
To perform automatic roasting, we can use the Hartanzah Roast works software, which you can download at the following link: This software provides real-time feedback to the machine, enabling it to follow the pre-defined/background profile accurately. And the reaction time of the auto model is responsive and fast enough without any delay.

Roaster Features Detail

Our drum material uses high-quality casted iron.
For the main controller, we build our own controller under the Hartanzah brand, and for the electric accessories (contactors, power plugs, etc.), we use a mix of Schneider, Siemens, and other common electric component brands.
For the Danish series for a capacity of 1 kg to 5 kg, we use an atmospheric jet burner and for the Danish series for a capacity of 10 kg to 25 kg, we use a premixed burner. The BTU output varies according to the size of the roaster. You can find the detailed BTU/KW rating of each burner in our catalog.
The Danish Series for a capacity of 10 kg to 25 kg uses a gas-modulating premixed burner, which allows for modulating operation at a rate of 1:4. The burners are equipped with air-fuel ratio control gas trains.

General Questions

Hartanzah is Mechatronic Engineer who fall in love with coffee.
We passionately design and manufacture coffee and cocoa roasting equipment, from in-store operations to commercial scale operations, with a capacity between 1 kg to 240 kg per batch.
Yes, the Hartanzah roaster can roast a true max batch. However, batch capacity and roast capacity per hour depend on the type and quality of green coffee, the degree of roast, and the moisture content of the beans.
Hartanzah roasters are designed and built for roasting specialty coffee. Its design is based upon a higher ratio of conductive over convective energy supply to the beans when compared to other conventional roasters on the market. This allows you to roast each variety and origin to its optimum quality and flavor profile.
You can get to know Hartanzah products in more detail through the Hartanzah Catalog and Manual Book, which you can get through the Hartanzah website page.
You can place an order for Hartanzah products via email or telephone.
Delivery time is based on production current schedules and can range for shop roasters from 8-12 weeks, and for industrial roasters, 4-6 months.
The price we provide includes wooden packing but does not include shipping prices.
You can request a color at no additional cost. However, additional features will be charged, the amount of which depends on the desired additional features.
Delivery time is based on current production schedules and can range from 8-12 weeks for shop roasters and 4-6 months for industrial roasters. Sometimes, we expedite the production time, and we will inform you if this happens after you place your order.
Payment is made by transferring to the bank account of PT Hartanzah Manufaktur Indonesia.
12-month warranty cover for all spare parts. We do not accept warranty plans purchased through third-party sellers. Hartanzah does not warranty user-installed parts and does not take liability for any subsequent damage that improperly installed parts may cause. The warranty may be void if the roaster is not used according to manufacturer instructions in the user manual.
You can deposit at least 60% of the price of Hartanzah products. And payment must be made before delivery is made.
Determining the size of the roaster is dependent upon the customer’s hourly and weekly capacity demand for roasted coffee.
Depending on your location, an air control device such as a thermal or catalytic oxidizer and afterburner. Depending on the roaster size, you also may need a green coffee loading hopper with a conveyance system.

Handling and Maintenance

Yes, tech support is available and can be reached during our business hours.
If you are seeing an air failure, you’ll want to start by cleaning the roaster and ducting, scraping down to the metal, and checking the vacuum sensor tube, This tube senses airflow through the roaster. Use a small tool to clean out any debris to clear the tube. DO NOT put a vacuum on it or blow compressed air through it. We will also want to ensure that the blower shroud and internal roaster pipes (back exhaust elbow) are all in place and doors are shut tightly.
No, you can't. You must store /put your roaster in a standing position.
We have a comprehensive manual operating book which we call the Hartanzah Coffee Roasting Fun book and you may download it at the following link: We also have an online academy, and we are currently working on a coffee roaster maintenance e-course. Hopefully, this e-course will be launched in the second quarter of 2023. You can visit our online academy at the following link:
Spare parts supply and consumables, we can send them if you need or want to have them in stock.
Approx 98%. For routine monthly maintenance, it is necessary to clean the bearings and lubricate them (the main bearing is located at the front of the drum, and the secondary bearing is at the back of the drum). In addition to bearing cleaning, it is also necessary to clean the pipes from the residue of roasted coffee. This cleaning is generally done for 3 to 5 hours, depending on the size of the roaster. If the roaster is used for 8 hours a day for 30 days, then the total operational hours of the machine = 240 hours per month - 5 hours = 235 / 240 x 100 = ~98%.
The roaster machine's components that need to be replaced are bearings. These bearings require special attention, and regular cleaning and lubricating is required according to the specified schedule. If these bearings are consistently cleaned and lubricated, they are typically replaced every 3 to 4 years.
You can contact our distributor in your country. If there is no distributor in your country, there are several options available: 1. Remote service: Through a secure connection from our VPN portal to the machines installed on-site, our experts can link up with the respective machines and assess the disruptions that have occurred. Ideally, these issues would be best to be resolved remotely. 2. We can appoint and collaborate with local service companies or technicians, and we will provide instructions on how the servicing will be carried out and how the local technicians will assist. 3. Technician on site: Our technicians can come to your location at a pre-determined rate that we have set beforehand.

Customized Design

Yes, that can be done. Please let us know in advance, and we will adjust the machine's ergonomics according to your needs. There will be an additional cost for this special request.
Yes, you can request the machine color according to your preference, and this is no additional cost.

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